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Erich Genzlinger

Absolut Gastronomie Immobilien Erich Genzlinger

My name is Erich Karl Genzlinger.

I was managing director of a medium-sized brewery on the Swiss border for 35 years until 2011. During this time, in addition to the contract customers from the catering trade, I also managed more than 50 leased "directing companies" in addition to 14 inns owned by the brewery.

From 2003, I also had my own office for catering real estate. During this time, I have sold well over 100 catering properties and hotels. I found that a specific knowledge of the special features of a gastronomic property is required, especially if it is to be marketed for sale.

I am now a senior partner of Absolut Consulting and we launched the Absolut Gastronomie Immobilien 2019 brand. The synergy of my experience from gastronomy and the expertise in digital marketing of Absolut Consulting is undoubtedly a perfect combination for your maximum success. This is also a unique selling point that allows us to act very successfully as a broker in the catering trade.

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We specialize in selling and leasing catering properties and hotels on behalf of customers. Thanks to our know-how in the field of gastronomy with over 30 years of experience, coupled with the expertise in digital marketing from Absolut Consulting , we are the ideal partner.

We look forward to cooperation and success.

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