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Gerhard-Zimmerer-Str.5, 79683 Sigmaringen

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The Steakhouse / Restaurant Palmengarten is located in the middle of Sigmaringen.  The palm garden is part of a large leisure area. A campsite, an adventure camp for school groups, an outdoor program with archery, human table soccer, mini golf, bicycle rental and a mini golf course. There is also a climbing arena and organized canoe tours.  Especially the guests of the campsite are regulars in the palm garden. But the Palmengarten has also established itself as a top address in the entire region.  The beautiful terrace overlooking the Danube is a crowd puller.  

The restaurant is to be leased. The operator of the entire amusement park would like to be relieved here and we are looking for an ambitious restaurateur who wants to take over a well-running operation. The kitchen orientation should be done with good middle-class, Italian or continue steaks & middle-class. Since the leisure activities are closely linked to the Palmengarten and vice versa, it is essential that the gastronomy works hand in hand with the operator of the amusement park.

The location: 

Sigmaringen is in  Danube valley  to the  holiday roads  Hohenzollernstrasse  and  Upper Swabian Baroque Road  on the southern edge of  Swabian Alb  about 40 kilometers north of  Lake Constance . Embedded in the valley of the Danube, the side valleys of the Schmeie and the Lauchert, the southern edge of the Swabian Jura and bordering on Upper Swabia lies the core city with its 5 districts. The Palmengarten is located directly on the banks of the Danube and in the middle of a leisure area.  The outdoor pool is also only 100m away on foot and a large supermarket is also within walking distance.  Here, guests benefit from ample parking spaces.  

The restaurant:

The Steakhouse Palmengarten is handed over with a full inventory.  The guest room and the terrace are stylish and of high quality. Everything is well laid out and organized for efficient kitchen operation.  A large storage room is also 30m away on foot. Additional cooling cells are available here.


dining room:  70 guests

Terrace:   70 guests


The tenant will be sought as soon as possible.  A fee only has to be paid for the bulging warehouse.  



Palmengarten Sigmaringen (8)

Blick auf den Palmengarten

Palmengarten Sigmaringen (14)

Blick auf den Palmengarten

Palmengarten Sigmaringen  22 (10)


Palmengarten Sigmaringen (7)


Palmengarten Sigmaringen (11)
Palmengarten Sigmaringen (13)

Terrasse & Aussengastronomie

Palmengarten Sigmaringen (15)


Palmengarten Sigmaringen (12)

Terrasse II

Palmengarten Sigmaringen  22 (5)

kleine Lounge

Palmengarten Sigmaringen  22 (4)

Loungebereich Innen

Palmengarten Sigmaringen (17)

Gastraum I

Palmengarten Sigmaringen (18)

Gastraum angeordnet für Gesellschaften

Palmengarten Sigmaringen (4)
Palmengarten Sigmaringen (6)
Palmengarten Sigmaringen (16)
Palmengarten Sigmaringen (2)

2. Gastraum

Palmengarten Sigmaringen (1)
Palmengarten Sigmaringen (5)


Palmengarten Sigmaringen  22 (2)

Spülbereich in der Küche

Palmengarten Sigmaringen  22 (3)


Palmengarten Sigmaringen  22 (1)

2 große Dampfgarer

Are you interested in leasing the Palmengarten?

Then contact us: 
Makler Gastronomie Immobilien
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