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On the Kripp 3, 55430 Oberwesel - Dellhofen

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This beautiful Goswin Lambrich winery is located in the Rhein-Hunsrück wine-growing region. The Gutsausschank was previously run independently and is now to be leased for the first time. So far, the Gutsausschank has only been open Friday - Sunday evening and can therefore be further expanded. 

The beautiful guest room is perfectly suited for daytime gastronomy, but also for events, which have already been actively booked for wine tasting and weddings.  The guest room has approx. 60 seats downstairs and a further 30 seats on the gallery .  There is also a beautiful outdoor area that can accommodate around 80 guests. The kitchen is very large and well equipped.  A total of 3 cold rooms are available and are all connected to the kitchen at ground level.  There is another small cold room for drinks directly at the counter.  An elevator is available for delivery, which ends in the rear area of the kitchen. All devices are of high quality and fully functional. Sufficient parking spaces are available. The beautifully designed and large outdoor area is also suitable for day visitors, but also for events. 


The district is located away from the busy and busy Rhine ValleyDellhofenat the height of the front Hunsrück. Dellhofen is considered the district of Oberwesel with a lot of gastronomy, this is where you go to eat!

The attractiveness of the place has various reasons. Within the district, branched streets and paths offer a variety of walking opportunities, which can be extended into the closely adjacent vineyards with little effort. From there, the visitor has a direct view of the Rhine. The nearby forest areas also offer the best opportunities for cool and shady hiking in high summer temperatures.



  • Guest room with approx. 60 seats

  • Gallery with approx. 30 seats 

  • Garden / outdoor area with approx. 80 seats

  • Kitchen with all appliances (almost new)

  • 3 cold rooms

  • Elevator to the kitchen, for delivery from the lower part of the winery

  • Small inventory available

  • Oil heating with its own meter area

Other Information:

  • A relay lease at the start is being considered. The target lease in the 3rd year is with€1,500 per month (net)+ Estimated additional costs. 

  • Deposit: €4,500 / can also be provided as a bank guarantee. 

  • Availability: In stock!

  • No fee for inventory.

Are you interested in the Gutsausschank Goswin Lambrich?

Then contact us: 
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