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Why chose Absolut Gastronomie Immobilien?

Real estate agents are common. Few, however, specialize in the sale and lease of catering properties. Special expertise is required here. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of gastronomy real estate, plus the knowhow how to successfully market these properties in the digital age. With our two locations in Töging am Inn / Bavaria and Essingen / Rhineland, we cover the entire southern German region. Absolut Gastronomie Immobilien has specialized in selling or renting your catering property for the entire region of southern Germany.

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Our clients' sales motives are as varied as their objects. We advise you competently, comprehensively and discreetly on the sale of catering properties. After analyzing your needs and requirements, we define a sales process together. When inspecting the property, we also carefully consider the catchment area or the circumstances in the area. - From the knowledge gained, we work out the optimal positioning / possible uses of the property in order to target prospective buyers.

There are some special features when determining the value of catering properties. Absolut Gastronomie Immobilien supports you in choosing the method that is the best for your property.


As a specialist in the sale of gastronomy properties in southern Germany, we advise you comprehensively.


  • Discreet advice

  • Competent assessment

  • Value-based sales process

Identification of suitable prospects

How attractive an object looks to a potential buyer depends on many aspects. In addition to the nature of the property itself, the right of use and, if necessary, alternative forms of use have a significant influence. However, many small details also play an important role, which the seller is often not even aware of. Based on the circumstances, we develop an attractive marketing concept, tailored to the needs of suitable buyers, that will convince you of your property. The catering industry is declining - the supply is greater than the demand. Therefore, we check the approval for changes in use before the sale and, if necessary, drive a dual strategy! So we can market your property as a catering facility & as a property with other uses. When selecting prospective buyers or before the viewing date, we carry out a credit check to ensure an efficient sales process. (Excluding any liability.)


  • Attractive positioning in the market

  • Double usage marketing

  • Credit check of buyers

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the property

We present your property in the best possible way so that you achieve the target sales price. When marketing, we ensure that your offer reaches the right buyers / is perceived by the right AI / that the right buyers learn about your offer / take note of it. We address your target group wherever they are looking for attractive properties: in print media and on portals such as real estate scout, real estate and ebay.

We also use Google and social media for your purposes; In these channels, we can ensure that your offer is found by suitable prospects in a particularly efficient manner. In addition, we use our network, through which we are connected with restaurateurs from all over Germany. With this mix of measures, we ensure that your offer is marketed as successfully as possible.

As a specialist in the marketing of catering facilities in southern Germany, we have our own large customer database. We will inform suitable prospective customers about your property. Absolute discretion and compliance with blocking notices on your part are of course guaranteed.

  • Traditional & digital marketing

  • Germany-wide gastronomy network

  • Exclusive database access


Real estate sales and choosing a broker is a matter of trust. As a serious partner, we also give you control over the entire sales process. We will report to you in the desired level of detail. You will get to know our way of working and you can convince yourself of the quality and efficiency of our coordinated activities.


  • transparency

  • safety

  • close to the process

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Purchase contract

& Notary

Some customers want to stay in the background, while others want to negotiate directly with the buyer. We adapt. We are happy to conduct the negotiations for you, alternatively we are available to act as a moderator between you and the buyer. We prepare the transaction in advance. We coordinate all the interests that are crucial for a successful purchase. As part of our range of services, we arrange your notary appointment, support you with changes to the purchase contract and - if you wish - are present at the notary appointment.


Of course we also take over the handover of the property and draw up a handover summary for both parties.

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for buyers

We create win-win situations:

In the business process, a potential buyer is your customer - and therefore also our customer. We provide targeted support to your customers in financing negotiations with their bank - so that you receive the desired purchase price. Our advice is based on the historical figures of the latest BWA, which serves to prepare a business forecast. This preparation also helps the banks and ensures fast and efficient (verification processes and) purchase price financing.

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